The Pilot Pocket PLUS is the answer to all your cockpit organizational needs.  Based on the original Pilot Pocket, this expanded model accommodates today’s larger smartphones or Bluetooth GPS units.  Additionally, The Pilot Pocket PLUS features two slots for pens and a convenient holder for your sunglasses, keeping everything you need close at hand.

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The Pilot Pocket is an aviation product that enables a Bluetooth GPS or cell phone to be secured in the most optimal position in any cockpit.

Most GPS holders sit loosely on the top surface of the glare shield, which keeps the important GPS status signal lights out of view.

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The Pilot Pocket PEN is the easy solution to stowing pens, pencils and sunglasses in the cockpit. The compact design and suction cup mounting offer a variety of placement options in any type of cockpit. A convenient temperature conversion chart is printed on the front for quick reference.

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The Thru-View Emergency Checklist is a convenient heads-up checklist made of high quality, transparent static cling vinyl, that adheres to a window or clear sun visor without the use of adhesive.

Stop wasting precious time fumbling for a paper checklist when there’s a hands-free, heads-up checklist always in view.

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Gear up landing incidents still occur everyday day in all categories of aviation. The most important item on a retractable airplane’s before landing checklist may be the “GEAR DOWN BEFORE LANDING” item.

By placing this simple, non adhesive transparent “GEAR DOWN” decal within view of the pilot, you can insure a higher level of awareness and safety during your approach and landing phase of flight.

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Oval Airplane Decal

Let the world know you are a proud pilot with our unique magnetic airplane decal.

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